Alora server restore is ongoing

The Alora server restore is ongoing. Our new estimated time to complete the process is 5:00 PM 16th May 2020 GMT+6.

Thanks for your patience

Sorry for the inconvenience

Technical Team
iIT Host

ALORA server reinstall notice

We tried to solve headly the Alora server issue from yesterday but couldn't finish server settings properly. Also, Some cPanel has MySQL issue So We are going to reinstall the server. Your service will be shut down for 10 hours. The reinstall process will start at 7:00 PM today. Once the task is completed, the server will be back to ...

ALORA server downtime notice

Suddenly we’ve noticed that there is a disk failure in the raid array of the Alora Server. As a result, to ensure the best performance of the server, we have to replace the affected disk. For this reason, the server will be offline. The raid array will be rebuilt with the new drive.Once the task is completed, the server will be back to online. ...